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A malfunctioning washer or dryer in your home can be pretty inconvenient. The average life of a washer and dryer is 10 to 13 years, depending on the model. These workhorses also contain moving parts to direct the water and motors to drive the drums or spinning drums, all of which must be balanced. Most of our customers are simply too busy to visit the nearest Laundromat. You’ll probably want to hire a local appliance repair firm to repair your washer or dryer to avoid huge piles of laundry in your home. Choose Sam Appliance Repair in Los Angeles for cost-effective and reliable same-day washer and dryer repair service.

Do the washer and dryers have a strange noise? What could it be?

You may have noticed some symptoms that indicate that the washing machine is really faulty and needs to be repaired. There are several signs that your washing machine is damaged; thus, it is very important that you pay special attention to these indicators.

If your washing machine is making strange noises, it is likely malfunctioning, which could result in overloading. Reducing a load of clothes in the washing machine can help, but in most cases, you will need the services of a specialist to return it to working condition.

Below are some of the most common washer and dryer repair problems we encounter on a regular basis: Are you looking for a dryer repair company that has everything you need to fix any brand or problem with your dryer?

  • The washer and dryer make a lot of noise.
  • The washer and dryer won’t turn on at all.
  • The washer and dryer do not heat up and do not perform their functions.
  • Cleaning and drying clothes take too long.
  • Washer is not draining.
  • The washer and dryer stopped working before the end of the cycle.
  • The washer and dryer moved away from the wall.
washer and dryer repair

Are you looking for a dryer repair company that has everything you need to fix any brand or problem with your dryer? We do provide same-day service. We work hard to get your appliance repaired as quickly as possible.

How do you keep your washer & dryer in top working condition?

Most washer and dryer problems can be avoided by properly caring for the machines before and after each use. To ensure efficiency and avoid house fires, clean the lint trap in the dryer before or after each use. Dry the door seals and the door itself after each use if you have a front-loading washing machine; if you have a front loader, keep the door and soap dispenser open to help dry and ventilate the inside and prevent mold from forming.

Remove wet clothes from the washing machine as soon as possible after washing to avoid mold and mildew buildup in the machine (and on clothes). Always use the right detergent for your machine – if you have a high-performance machine, you will need a high-efficiency detergent. Pre-measured detergent containers can damage some washing machines. To find out which detergent to use and how much, check the manufacturer’s instructions for appliances.

Make sure your washing machine is not overloaded when you do your laundry. Never fill the machine with more than three-quarters of a gallon of water. Heavy items such as blankets, towels, or blue jeans should be washed with fewer loads to reduce machine weight. Likewise, when using a dryer, try to keep loads as low as possible to reduce stress on the machine.

Your washing machine should never sway, shake, dance, or vibrate across the floor during a wash. If so, recheck the load and balance if necessary. Raise or lower the feet or place them on a washing machine stand to stabilize the machine.

Even the most thorough maintenance won’t keep your washer or dryer from breaking down at some point. The good news is that Sam Appliances Repair offers the best washer and dryer repairs in Los Angeles, ensuring your appliances remain in good working order.

How to know when your washing machine needs to be replaced

Washing machine breakdowns come in all shapes and sizes. We saw all this in the Sam Appliances Repair experience. We know how to quickly identify the root of your problems and solve them as quickly as possible. Washing machines are complex, and our technicians are well versed in all aspects of them. Among the most common concerns:

  • Noise: A drain or circulation pump motor broken or damaged, drive belts, washer pump replacement, washer belt replacement, transmission problems from the motor to the gearbox, cracked shock absorbers or suspensions, and other problems can lead to a noisy washing machine. Our technicians are well versed in washing machine repair and provide excellent service to Los Angeles residents.

  • Agitating issues: Agitator problems can be caused by number of reasons including caps, nuts, clogging, broken couplings, worn belts, transmission failures, and faulty timers.

  • Starting trouble: The drive, door switch and latch, timer, handle, drive motor, and main control board may fail if the washing machine does not start.

  • Leaks: Pierced or broken hoses, a damaged pump, a faulty water inlet valve, a broken door seal or door boot, a partially open door, or a worn tank or trunk seal can all be the cause of your washer leaking, damaged water hose.

Genuine parts and reliable washer & dryer service in Los Angeles

Component quality is sometimes overlooked among the many dryer maintenance factors. This is not surprising given how difficult it is for the average homeowner to find a reliable professional. On the other hand, our team of specialists has carefully organized everything so that you can receive excellent service in every aspect.

Repairmen are equipped with the tools, training, and experience needed to perform both major and complex initial service repairs. We have parts for all major washer and dryer manufacturers in our service trucks including Electrolux, Samsung, Kenmore, GE, LG, Sears, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Bosch and some other.

We will assign you a specialist who knows how to troubleshoot dryers. Who arrives on site ready to solve any problem? And who has not only all the necessary tools but also all the genuine parts? Any repair will last longer if you use high-quality spare parts. Isn’t this the kind of help you’re looking for? Let us help you get it!

Competitive prices on any washer and dryer repair request

Not only will we help you get a durable dryer repair, but we will also make sure the price is affordable for you. We further help you achieve flawless washer and dryer repairs in Los Angeles by working hard to keep service rates reasonable. Is there anything else holding you back from scheduling a service with us right now? We can’t wait to hear from you and reassure you. Contact us right now!

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